Exodus from Trinity

The Taxman Cometh
Overheard in dozens of taverns across Trinity
"Dear trav'lr, Dear trav'lr, a warning I share.
I tell you, I tell you, the Taxman will come.
With mighty gold armor and the Green Keep his lair,
Believe, believe, the Taxman will come.
Pay your debts my dear children, pay your debts without fail.
Beware, beware, the Taxman will come.
For no one has fled him, and lived to tell tale,
You'll know, you'll know the Taxman has come."
Changes at the Ruins
From the Scouting Reports of Fallen Ruins, 1st Year Student Dorn Willowfall -
…Weekly report 13: No change.
Weekly report 14: No change.
Weekly report 15: No change.
Weekly report 16: No change.
Weekly report 17: No change.
Weekly report 18: No change.
Weekly report 19: No change.
Weekly report 20: You aren’t reading these are you sir?
Weekly report 21: No change.
Weekly report 22: No change.
Weekly report 23: Your mother was a half orc and your father was a centaur.
Weekly report 24: No change.
Weekly report 25: No change.
Weekly report 26: No change.
Weekly report 27: Ok so you for sure aren’t reading these anymore.
Weekly report 28: Did I do something to upset you? Because clearly this is punishment…
Weekly report 30: Some fucking sand moved. I’m sure at least 3 grains moved. Thrilling stuff.
Weekly report 31: No change.
Weekly report 32: No change.
Weekly report 33: Moss has begun to grow on a few columns. Seems noteworthy given the arid environment.
Weekly report 33.1: Please advise regarding rapid moss growth.
Weekly report 33.2.1: SEND HELP! MOSS!
Weekly report 33.2.2: pleasehelp
Weekly report 34: No change.
Weekly report 35: No change.
Weekly report 36: No change…"
The Green Army in Wyrdwood

From an Intercepted letter to Captain Nygard of the Trinity Army:

"…any luck and we’ll make it to Wyrdwood by nightfall. Have to say though Captain, the locals have got me spooked. They tell tales of haunting music coming from the deeps of the forest. A screechy melody that sounds like a demon playing a glass harp. We brought a cleric from the Old Holy Order to be safe, but he hasn’t felt any demonic presences within a 10 mile radius. Probably just rumors and scuttlebutt, but it never hurts to be prepared right Cap?

I briefed the team on the missing scouts and have every confidence we will return with them or their bodies. Because of the legend I’m not leaving any elven-kin in that forest, dead or alive. Even if I have to get that old fool from the OHO to burn it all down. The Underdark will not have them, I promise.


- Lt. 1st Class Alldon Clearwater


P.S. I have not found the item we had discussed, but I’ll keep an “eye” out for it."

Sounds from the Old Mill
From the Final Journal Entry of Trumble Lightfoot:
“…something between a wet thump and a deep wail. The sound floated over the river as I did my weekly wash, sinking deep into my mind. A cold wind picked up the moment my eyes locked on the source of the haunting moan. It came from the Old Mill that sits on the Witch’s Nose, right on the bay. I can’t even count how many stories I’ve heard about that decrepit place; the owners murdered the workers, the workers revolted against the owners, it's haunted by angry specters, ghouls, and goblins, it was a safe house in the grand war, and even a front for the mob. The only thing I don’t think I’ve heard about that place is the truth. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go see for myself; come back with my own story to tell…"
A Performance at The Green Keep

From the Private Letters of Canter the Bard:

“…realized I was standing in a vast shadow! The expansive shade belonged to the Green Keep, a unique alliance of artistry and oppression. Its harsh angles made it imposing, but the shades of emerald and jade glimmered so elegantly in the light. The stark contrast made the tower seem like the walls flowed like water. I thought to myself, 'this shall be the perfect backdrop for one of my grand performances!' Positioning myself in one of the green rays cast from the tower, I began my best routine. What followed has never happened in my professional career. No one watched the juggling, no one laughed at my jokes, no one wept at my sonnets; I was a bust. However, I noticed something as I packed my bags in my shameful retreat. Despite its splendor, none of the townsfolk ever look up at its magnificence. Perhaps this wasn’t this best location after all…"

Impressions of Trinity
From the Journals of Adam the Sturdy,
"… the boat may have been the least of my worries. Smoky air from the port of Trinity twists over the thatched roofs of its inhabitants. The people are born, work, and die in the ever-looming shadow of the city’s royal tower, The Green Keep. Governor Nofets sits atop this jagged obelisk and rules over his people with an iron fist. He charges unjust taxes on everything, so he can to fill his own pockets and keep the populace under control. By the time a Trinitarian comes of age, he or she is already in so much debt that no one can never leave and must spend all of his days toiling for the crown. It is a bleak life, but a spark of hope has ignited in your soul! For tonight, a far traveling bard has come to town, and whispers of escape and a new home spill from his wine stained lips…"
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